4Heat WIFI Module

Thermasis 4Heat Wi-fi module can control all Thermasis pellet boilers via smart phones or tablets (IOS and Android)

Wi-fi module can also be added to a boiler system which is already installed

It only needs stable wi-fi network or ethernet connection.



IoT (Internet of Things)

Cloud connection

Connection to Home Automation Systems (with Nest, mumit BEVEL, Tado and Netatmo smart devices)

  • User can;
    Read temperatures (Boiler, Exhuast and Buffer)
    Read status of boiler (OFF, Ignition, Stabilization, Run Mode, BLOCK etc.)
    Can see graphics of temperatures
    Can see weather temperature (internet resources)
    Set boiler temperature
    Set boiler power
    Manage chrono settings

    System allows to make distant control for programing.